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Ask Governor Inslee to Make sure WDFW represents Washington Values

There are two vacant seats on the Washington Fish and Wildlife Commission, while one Commissioner remains in a seat that expired more than a year ago. Governor Inslee can ensure lasting change at WDFW by appointing Commissioners committed to agency reform, and who will represent the interests and values all Washingtonians, respect and understand the role of science, and show a commitment to ethical management of the state's fish and wildlife. Please, contact Governor Inslee immediately and ask him to stand up for our fish and wildlife. 

1. Call & Write

We need your help to make sure that Governor Inslee  knows that the people of Washington care about fish and wildlife, and want those populations to be managed responsibly, ethically and in accordance with the best available science.  There is no time to lose.

Please contact Governor Inslee and his staff today!

Use the links below to call or write Governor Inslee, and to write to the Governor's Natural Resources Advisor,  to ask them to appoint Fish and Wildlife Commissioners who will represent all Washingtonians, rather than just powerful special interests and the 2% of Washingtonians who hunt. 

Please be respectful and polite.

Need ideas on what to say? View our talking points. 



Governor's Contact Portal



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2. join our petition

The leadership at the Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife has forgotten that its first responsibility is to protect and preserve the state’s fish and wildlife. It has sacrificed conservation for the sake of consumption and ecology for the sake of the economy, devastating fish and wildlife populations to cater to the demands of commercial interests, powerful politicians, and tiny factions of the hunting and fishing community.

Sign our petition demanding that WDFW be responsive to the values of roughly 98% of people in Washington who do not hunt, rather than catering only to extreme hunting groups and special interests.


Join us for a protest in early 2022.

Details coming soon!

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